International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol 5, No 7, 2016

The Following papers are published in Volume 05 Issue 07, 2016


Paper Title : Improvement of Human Resource Accounting Disclosure Practice in Financial Statements through IFRS: Evidence from Nigerian Banks [p.01-17]

Authors : Prof I. R. Akintoye, Awoniyi, O., Jayeoba, O. & Moses Ifayemi, O.


Paper Title : Implementation of Project Monitoring and Evaluation to Improve Project Effectiveness and Efficiency [p.18-34]

Authors : Freddy Fransisko.


Paper Title : Determinant of Customer Satisfaction at Bank BNI ATM Services in Medan [p.35-50]

Authors : Andriasan Sudarso & Lili Suryati.


Paper Title : The Model of Corporate Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study in Telecommunication Companies at Indonesia [p.51-64]

Authors : Mimi Marlina & Hamdy Hady.


Paper Title : Comparing the Indonesian Purchasing Intentions towards Foreign Dresses Products Compared to Domestic Products [p.65-76]

Authors : Lily Suhaily & Yasintha Soelasih.


Paper Title : Determinant of Institution Image and its Implication on the Evaluation of Student's Intention in Deciding Private Economics Colleges in Medan City [p.77-89]

Authors : Sri Rezeki & Nandan Limakrisna.


Paper Title : Model of Employee Satisfaction: An Empirical Study at Karo District Government [p.90-102]

Authors : Hendri Sembiring & Haris Madiistriyatno.


Paper Title : Employee Commitment Model: An Empirical Study at SME's of Bank SUMUT Coordination [p.103-115]

Authors : Kiki Farida Ferine & Alex Zami.


Paper Title : Developing Community Empowerment Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Indonesia [p.116-126]

Authors : Adhianty Nurjanah*, Ravik Karsidi, Widodo Muktiyo & Sri Kusumo Habsari.


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