International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol 5, No 6, 2016


Paper Title : The Researcher on Motives, Integrating Mechanism and Performance Evaluation for Mergers & Acquisitions in Financial Services [p.01-17]

Authors : Ming-Tien Tsai, Wei-Ping Hsieh & Shu-Ling Chang.


Paper Title : The Influence of Professionalism, Achievement, Motivation and Empowerment against the Work Discipline and its Implication on Teachers Performance: Empirical Study on High School Teachers in Karawang Regency [p.18-36]

Authors : Rahmat Hasbullah & Anoesyirwan Moeins.


Paper Title : The Influence of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture on Work Motivation and Employee Performance at the State Property Service Office and Auction in East Java Province [p.37-48]

Authors : Diana Sulianti K. Tobing & Muh. Syaiful


Paper Title : Budgeting Politics for Supporting Competitive Industry Sector[p.49-64]

Authors : Djoko Susanto and Rudy Badrudin


Paper Title : Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability as Moderators to the Influence of Transactional Leadership to In-Role and Extra-Role Performance [p.65-78]

Authors : Wisnu Prajogo.


Paper Title : Positioning in Selecting Private University in Jakarta [p.79-90]

Authors : Tati Handayani, BernadinDwi M & Jenji Gunaedi Argo.


Paper Title : The Study on the Marketing Mix Development Strategy Analysis of Creative Industry SME Based in Depok West Java [p.91-104]

Authors : Bernadin Dwi M & Dahlia Pinem


Paper Title : The Analysis of Company Performance and Sales Growth to the Dividend Policy at the Company Go Public in Indonesia Stock Exchange [p.105-116]

Authors : Dahlia Pinem & Bernadin Dwi


Paper Title : Effect of Profitability, Liquidity and Assets Structure on the Company Debt Policy [p.117-131]

Authors : Desmintari & Fitri Yetty


Paper Title : Model of Customer Satisfaction: Empirical Study at Fast Food Restaurants in Bandung [p.132-146]

Authors : Nandan Limakrisna & Hapzi Ali

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