International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol 5, No 4, 2016

The Following papers are published in Volume 05 Issue 04, 2016


Paper Title : Assessing Potential and Impact on Bilateral Free Trade Scenario Between Indonesia and Mexico [p.01-17]

Authors : Dr. Sulthon Sjahril Sabaruddin & Dr. Thamrin Lanori


Paper Title : Linkages between Political Brand Image, Affective Commitment and Electors Loyalty: The Moderating Influnce of Reference Group [p.18-36]

Authors : Abdelbaset M. Alkhawaldeh, Salniza Bt, Md. SallehandFairol bin Halim.


Paper Title : Board Characterics as A Determinant Of Effectiveness Of Corporate Governance In State Corporation In Kenya [p.37-62]

Authors : Peris Koech, Prof. Gregory S. Namusonge & Dr. Fred M. Mugambi


Paper Title : Empirical Findings on the Profitability of Banks in Qatar: Islamic vs Conventional [p.63-78]

Authors : Abdul-Jalil Ibrahim


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