International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol.3 No.6 Feb 2014

The Following papers are published in Volume 3 Issue 6 February, 2014


Paper Title : Factors Influencing The Adoption Of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Practices By Banks In Zimbabwe. [p.01-17]

Authors : Cosmas Kanhai & Dr. Ganesh L.


Paper Title : The Effect of Patient Behaviour on Wait Times in Emergency Departments [p.18-31]

Authors : Entisar K. Aboukanda & Muhammad Latif.


Paper Title : Antecedents and Consequences of Customer Experience Management- A Literature Review and Research Agenda [p.32-49]

Authors : Saba Fatma.


Paper Title : Mobile Phone Banking In Nigeria: Benefits, Problems and Prospects [p.50-70]

Authors : Dr. Edwin M. Agwu & Dr. Adele-Louise Carter.


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