International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol.3 No. 5 Jan, 2014

The Following papers are published in Volume 3 Issue 4 January, 2014


Paper Title : Kizuna Marketing: Building Trust-Based Relationships among Stakeholders (p.01-09)

Authors : Nakato Hirakubo, D.P.S.


Paper Title : The Effects of Privatization on the Financial Performance of Kenya Airways (p.10-26)

Authors : Mulaku D. Ochieng & Anwar H. Ahmed.


Paper Title : The Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Emerging Nations (p.27-36)

Authors : Dr. Rajneesh Tyagi, Dr. Fredrick Odoyo . Selfano & Omwono G. Alang’o.


Paper Title : Manufacturing Strategy and Export Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia: Moderating Role of External Environment (p.37-52)

Authors : Harcharanjit Singh & Rosli Mahmood.


Paper Title : Reframing Intelligence: Challenging The Cold War Intelligence Doctrine in the Information Age (p.53-68)

Authors : JMr. John Coyne, Mr. Stuart Neal & Dr. Peter Bell.


Paper Title : Assessing the Role of Stakeholders in the Implementation of SMEs Governance Principles in France (p.69-81)

Authors : Dr. Xiu-e ZHANG & Mamadou Thiam.


Paper Title : Determinants of Consumer Switching Behavior in Mobile Telephony Industry in Kenya (p.82-98)

Authors : Dominic Ooko, Joseph Nzomoi & Rogers Mumo.


Paper Title : A Test between Pecking Order Hypothesis and Static Trade-Off Theory: An Analysis from Malaysian Listed Firms for Periods of Year 2007 To 2012 (p.99-117)

Authors : Nazrul Hisyam Ab Razak & Mohd Naim Rosli.


Paper Title : The Warm-Up Exercise for the International Dream Catcher (p.118-126)

Authors : Pei-Chen Lee & Yu-Mei Lin.


Paper Title : Informal Learning: Theory and Applied (p.127-134)

Authors : Yu-Mei Lin & Pei-Chen Lee.


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