International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol.2 No.4 December, 2012

The Following papers are published in Volume 2, Issue 4, December, 2012


Paper Title : An Investigation of the Relationship between Organizational Culture and the Employee’s Role Based Performance: Evidence from the Banking Sector (p.01-13)

Authors : Hira Aftab, Tayyaba Rana & Aamir Sarwar.


Paper Title : An Introduction to Obstacles in Decision Support Systems for Management in Educational Organization of Mashhad Province in Iran (p.14-24)

Authors : Mr. Nasser Azad, Ms. Arezoo Tavakoli & Mr. Hamed Asgari.


Paper Title : Factors Influencing Performance of Agricultural Companies in Kenya: A Case of Coast Province (p.25-38)

Authors : Mwatsuma Kitti Mwamuye, Henry Muchiri Nyamu, Noel Peter Mrope & Adam Kheri Ndamungu.


Paper Title : Impediments to Regional Tourism Development in Kenya’s North Rift Region (p.39-50)

Authors : Nehemiah Kiprutto, Noah Sitati, Jonathan Ngoriarita, John Akama & Carol Munini Munyao.


Paper Title : Albania: A Small Economy with A Great Hope (p.51-63)

Authors : Mag. Dott. Ardita Todri.


Paper Title : “Atypical” Banks: A Value - Driven Banking in Albania (p.64-77)

Authors : Mag. Dott. Ardita Todri.


Paper Title : Analysis of the Albanian Banking System in the Transition Years (p.78-89)

Authors : Ali Shingjergji & Albiona Shingjergji.


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