International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol. 1 No. 5 Jan, 2012

The Following papers are published in Volume 1, Issue 5, January, 2012


Paper Title : Development SWOT Matrix for Strategic Planning in Media Organizations (p.01-12)

Authors : Ali Akbar Farhangi, Mohammad Soltani Far & Abolfazl Danaei.


Paper Title : The Disclosure Effects of Contingent Liabilities and Ambiguities On Making Decision by Users of Financial Statements (p.13-21)

Authors : Roya Darabi & Mehdi Faghani.


Paper Title : Stress Management among Bank Employees: With Reference to Mergers and Acquisitions (p.22-31)

Authors : Vijay Joshi & Dr. K.A. Goyal.


Paper Title : Preserving Business Competitiveness in the Current International Recession: New Management Models as a Means to Create Value in Service Companies (p.32-43)

Authors : Francesco Scalera.


Paper Title : Capital Structure Determinant’s of Brazilian and North American Banks (p.44-63)

Authors : Michele Nascimento Jucá, Almir Ferreira de Sousa & Albert Fishlow.


Paper Title : Business Selection using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (p.64-81)

Authors : Anwar H. Ahmed, Henry M. Bwisa & Romanus O. Otieno.


Paper Title : Emotional Intelligence of Elite Sports Leaders & Elite Business Leaders (p.82-115)

Authors : Kurt April, Darryn Lifson & Tim Noakes.

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