International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol.1 No. 4 Dec, 2011

The Following papers are published in Volume 1, Issue 4, December, 2011


Paper Title : Analysis And Evaluation Of A Project Of Technological Innovation For The Transport of Petrochemical Bulk Resins via Model Rail (p.01-07)

Authors : Danilo Souza Ribeiro, Maria Emilia Camargo, Ana Elizabeth Moiseichyk, Suzana Leitão Russo & Gabriel Francisco da Silva.


Paper Title : Social Knowledge Management: Case Studying of Islamic Azad University of Semnan Branch (p.08-21)

Authors : Abolfazl Danaei, Ali Shahabi & Amir Mehdiabadi.


Paper Title : Perceptions Regarding Strategy Implementation Tasks in Selected Industries: A South African Perspective (p.22-45)

Authors : Elroy Eugene Smith.


Paper Title : Reviewing the Relationship between Risk Management and Capital Structure in the Entire Accepted Companies in Tehran’s Stock Exchange (p.46-55)

Authors : Roya Darabi, Ashraf Jafari Khoshemehr, Hesam Kazemi & Rouhollah Gholamian Barough.


Paper Title : Cross-Cultural Differentiation and Diversity Management (p.56-63)

Authors : Turgut Karaköse & Canan Demir.


Paper Title : The Giant In A Dilemma As To Whether To Go Or Stay (p.64-73)

Authors : Lee Pei-Chen, Kin Yu-Mei & Lo Shao-Sung.


Paper Title : Studying The Relationship Between Organizational Culture And Customer Satisfaction In Bank Mellat (p.74-89)

Authors : Ali Akbar Amin Beidokhti & Mohammad Mostafa Ghaderi.


Paper Title : The Effects of Business’s Teacher Continuing Professional Education on the Aspects of Adult Learners Character and Needs (p.90-104)

Authors : Lin Yu-Mei, Lee Pei-Chen, Lo Shao-Sung & Kuo Pu-Yuan.

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