International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol.1 No.12 August, 2012

The Following papers are published in Volume 1, Issue 12, August, 2012


Paper Title : An Analysis of the Relationship between Petroleum Prices and Inflation in Nigeria (p.01-07)

Authors : Francis Danjuma Bobai.


Paper Title : A Comparative Study between Accounting Standards of Iran with International Accounting Standards (p.08-27)

Authors : Roya Darabi & Kourosh Salmani.


Paper Title : Improving Organizational Management through Social Networking (p.28-32)

Authors : Ezequiel Ferreira Dos Santos.


Paper Title : Forecasting Unemployment Rates in Nigeria Using Univariate Time Series Models (p.33-46)

Authors : Louis Sevitenyi Nkwatoh.


Paper Title : Why the Implementation of Advanced Measurement Approach in Operational Risk Management Isn't A So Good Idea:  The Albanian Banking System Case (p.47-55)

Authors : Prof. Scalera Franceso & Mag Todri Ardita.


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