International Journal of Business and 
Commerce (ISSN:2225-2436)


Vol.1 No.11 July, 2012

The Following papers are published in Volume 1, Issue 11, July, 2012


Paper Title : Have Inflation and Money Supply Responded Favorably to Central Bank Independence? Evidence from Latin America (p.01-15)

Authors : Howard Griffin.


Paper Title : The Global Financial Crises Effects on Residential Industries in Ireland and Greece (p.16-20)

Authors : Michael J. Gallagher & Wayne Buchanan.


Paper Title : The Impact of Intellectual capital on Financial Reporting Quality: An Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange (p.21-39)

Authors : Roya Darabi, Edigheh Kamran Rad & H. Heidaribali.


Paper Title : Effect of Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies Strategies on Member’s Savings Mobilization in Nairobi, Kenya (p.40-63)

Authors : Thomas Kimeli Cheruiyot, Catherine Muganda Kimeli & Susan M. Ogendo.


Paper Title : Faculty Motivation: A Qualitative Inquest (p.64-80)

Authors : Afia Muqtadir, Mahbubul Haque & Shahriyar Anam.


Paper Title : Evolution and Theories of Entrepreneurship: A Critical Review on the Kenyan Perspective (p.81-96)

Authors : Hannah Orwa Bula.


Paper Title : The Role of Leadership in Organizational Development (p.97-104)

Authors : Ahmed A Khator.


Paper Title : Society’s Influence on the Acceptance of Mobile Advertising: An Exploratory Research on Romanian Consumers (p.105-115)

Authors : Ecaterina Slăvescu, Patricia Zegreanu & Estera Laura Nemoianu.

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